Illness Benefit Certification

Illness Benefit Certification

What is Illness Benefit?

Illness Benefit is a scheme to support you if you cannot work in the short term because you’re¬†sick or ill.

Illness Benefit is not linked to your employer’s policy on pay for sick leave.

Whether your employer pays you or not while you are out sick from work, you should claim Illness Benefit within 6 weeks of becoming ill.



Who can get Illness Benefit?

You may get Illness Benefit if:

  • You are¬†under 66 years of age
  • You have enough¬†PRSI Contributions


Where should I send my certificate?

If you have received an official Certificate of Incapacity for Work from your Doctor you should send it immediately to the Department of Social Protection, Illness Benefit, PO Box 1650, Dublin 1.

Alternatively, your Doctor may send the Certificate directly to the Department via electronic certification (eCert).

Please confirm with your doctor that they have submitted an electronic certification (eCert) on your behalf to ensure your Illness Benefit application is processed.